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Proficient Financials is a specialized corporate financial consulting boutique headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon serving local and regional markets. Proficient Financials differentiates itself through its expertise in complex business situations that require a wide array of skills.

In addition, its leading-edge expertise and growing track record in the field of corporate finance has earned it an excellent reputation and rapidly growing business among its client base of regional and international corporations, private investors, investment banks and funds.

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Looking to raise funds? Want to know what your optimal debt level is? For these questions – as well as any other corporate finance question – Proficient Financials is the company of choice to assist you in such matters.

We help our clients make and execute well-informed decisions in structuring their companies in a way that produce competitive advantage and long-lasting value.

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Proficient Financials can act as your CFO on an outsourced basis, providing you with the best financial management work at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO.

Proficient Financials has an unmatched experience in providing CFO services as it has a large number of companies to which it provides that service in different industries ranging from trade to tourism, agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

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Proficient Financials will dedicate the numerous years of consulting experience of its team members to help you with specific issues you might face.

Proficient Financials offers a wide range of financial and strategic advisory services from financial statements analysis, feasibility studies and business plans to valuations and due diligence.

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Are you looking to sell part of your company? Or do you want to acquire a part in another company? Proficient Financials will put to work its buy-side and sell-side extensive experience to help you by working on all the elements of the transaction: finding investors, finding target acquisitions, valuation, preparation of all necessary documentation, deal structuring, negotiation, and deal closing.

In addition, after the deal, Proficient Financials helps you in setting strategies to grow your business and works closely with you in strategic and financial matters to make sure your initial plans are met.

Proficient Financials has huge experience in structuring and executing private equity deals both in Lebanon and the MENA region, an experience that sets it apart due to the complexity of the deals done as well as the wide scope of industries it covered.

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No matter what your indebtedness level is, Proficient Financials can work with you to devise a plan to restructure and lower your debt to acceptable levels that match the cash generation ability of your company.

Proficient Financials has unparalleled experience in debt restructuring in Lebanon, and is the market leader in that area.

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Proficient Financials can help you in filling vacant positions by tapping into its large pool of talented candidates. Proficient Financials can even allocate some of its own team members for specific periods of time to help its clients in critical times.